Costa Rica Leather Shop

Daniel V. Klein © 1978


Fat old woman, with a tourist bulge.  Pocketbook swelling.  Stopping at stores to buy things made just for you.  Probing dark mysteries of a hobby-horse head.  "What does it symbolize?" you stupidly ask.

See the country, and its people, witch, not the traps spun for tourists.  Climb a volcano, and sweat out a jungle.  Walk with laborers, and talk with men whose lives are lived by days.

Mingle in a market – the name flows from the tongue:  Masaya.  Mingle with sweat and toil and ducks tied in a bunch, waiting for the axe.  See bananas harvested and the stinking poverty of old Panama slums – contrasting casinos clattering chips.

Fly with hawks on mountaintops, lungs laboring in thin air.  Walk the moors and meadows.  Feel the life and real live death – they do not fear it here.  Seek out the people and the land!

Desert your tour-guide.