All my images are available as greeting cards (boxed sets and individual cards) as well as photographic prints. Please contact me by email or feel free to write or phone. See below for copyright and licensing information.

Copyright © 2006-2010 Daniel V. Klein

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Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More

Bench, Santa Fe NM


Bell, Christ of the Desert, Acoma NM

How much is that Ducky in the Window?



Copyright © 2003-2010 Daniel Klein. Permission is granted to use any/all of these photographs for personal use only. Specifically, you may use them for screensavers or desktop images only, but you may not republish (or hot-link) them on the web or in print without explicit written permission. All commercial use is explicitly prohibited without a license agreement (I generally give no-charge royalty free licenses to students, non-profits, etc.)

I have a limited number of high quality photographic reproductions available up to 12"x15".